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Trustees of the Charles Sheils Charity Registered office at 24 Sheils Houses, Brewery Road, Stillorgan, Dublin, Republic of Ireland (Registered Charity No 20001421)
Responsible to:
Charles Sheils Charity Killough Board
Based at:
No 7 Sheils Houses, Rossglass Road, Killough, Co Down, BT30 7QW.

The role of Superintendent is to provide support to the residents and to assist in the good management of Sheils Houses Killough.

The Superintendent reports to the Board of Sheils Houses Killough and arranges emergency cover for off duty periods, ie, holidays/sickness, etc.

  • Keeping an eye on the health of individual residents to recognise signs of need and to suggest they contact their GP or obtain appropriate help.
  • Answering emergency calls from residents and, bearing in mind that no nursing or medical assistance is available on site, where appropriate obtaining medical help and informing relatives.
  • Providing first aid if suitably qualified and providing general assistance until expert help arrives.
  • Responding promptly to all emergencies.
  • Maintaining a current list of names, addresses and telephone numbers of residents’ doctors and other agencies, such as the Social Services Department, chiropodists, dentists and opticians.
  • Developing links with local health, housing and Social Services’ Departments.
  • Keeping a record of:
    • Residents’ next of kin, their GPs and other relatives and friends who should be notified in the case of sudden illness or who could be called upon to help. These details must be accessible by the Charity’s Secretary and Board Members and must be maintained in accordance with GDPR in a “Resident File” or “Support Plan”.
    • Emergency calls.
    • Equipment owned by the Charity.
    • Accidents and incidents. An accident book, fully compliant with Data Protection guidance, should be maintained.
    • An approved list of contractors to call in emergencies and those used for minor repairs.
  • Visiting each resident as required in the job description unless specifically requested otherwise. For legal reasons, it is advisable for such a request to be recorded in writing. Some residents will need to be seen more often and it is important that the reason(s) for more frequent or prolonged visits are understood by other residents to avoid accusations of favouritism. Residents should be encouraged to help each other as “good neighbours” whenever possible.
  • Understanding and helping operate any rules and regulations applying to residents. The local Board should explain these to the Superintendent on appointment. The Superintendent must agree these rules or regulations.
  • Being aware of and complying with Board’s policies and procedures.
  • Maintaining health and safety requirements in accordance with the Charity’s Risk Assessment and the Health and Safety Policy.
  • Understanding the Fire Safety Regulations, advising on necessary precautions and instructing residents on the action to take in case of fire.
  • Liaising with the Board on the correct procedure for looking after and re-housing residents immediately following a fire, flood or similar emergency which has made their homes temporarily uninhabitable consistent with the Charity’s Disaster Recovery Plan.
  • Noting any defects or faults around the premises and reporting them to the secretary or local Board for attention. The Superintendent should be authorised to contact a plumber, electrician, etc, directly, as necessary.
  • Developing security awareness amongst the residents.
  • Notifying the Secretary/local Board when a resident is admitted to hospital.
  • Recognising, respecting and safeguarding the privacy, individuality and the rights of residents.
  • Familiarising residents with social activities in the charity and in the community and encouraging participation. The Scheme Superintendent should promote the use of communal facilities and help to organise functions for the residents, without bringing undue pressure to join in.
  • In conjunction with the family, overseeing the reception, introduction and integration of new residents.
  • Encouraging the involvement of friends and relatives of residents.
  • Taking an interest in national policies and laws affecting housing older people, community care and health issues.
  • Ensure that the houses are maintained in good condition and arrange for minor repairs by local contractors, including the house he/she occupies.
  • Ensure that residents do not make any alteration to their house and decorate only within.
  • If requested, act as secretary to the Local Board by notifying its members of the date and time of meetings, be present at such meetings or part of. Give the members a report of any matter which they should know about and keeping the minutes (unless requested by the Chairman to be absent).
  • Verify all invoices received from suppliers of goods and services.
  • Confirm approval for large amounts that they are within local board set limits.
  • Organise payment to suppliers in accordance with the signatories list in the local Board’s bank account mandate.
  • Keep a petty cash system to cover incidental site expense aimed at replenishing an imprest of £300.00 per month.
  • At the end of each quarter, submit to the Secretary and local Board a list of all cheques written and a summary of petty cash expenditure.
  • Forward all invoices received to the Secretary.
  • When required, lodge to the site bank account any receipts from residents relating to outstanding charges.
The Superintendent’s normal contact with local Board is likely to be through ongoing updates and to submit reports to local Board meetings and, when appropriate, attend for all or part of the time. The Board will respect the Superintendent status. If complaints are made, the Board will always listen to the Superintendent’s side of the case as well as that of the resident before deciding upon a course of action.
  • Demonstrable experience of skills and knowledge for working without supervision.
  • Well-developed communications and interpersonal skills.
  • Research and report writing ability, including good IT skills.
  • Able to act as a point of contact for residents when required.
  • Able to co-ordinate, repair and maintenance works to the properties.
  • Recognition of need to maintain confidential records and understanding of Data Protection obligations.
  • Ability to maintain monetary records, and act and promote responsibility for safeguarding personal possessions.
  • Full clean driving licence.
  • Clean basic Access NI check.
  • Flexible approach to work, duties and hours, with the ability to work anti-social hours when necessary.
  • Willing and able to reside exclusively at No. 7 Sheils Houses, Rossglass Road, Killough, Co Down, BT30 7QW, for the duration of the employment.
Knowledge of Charitable Housing and Charles Sheils Charity in particular.
  • 2.5 hours 6 days a week up to a maximum of 16 hours per week. Paid an annual salary of £4,800.00, payable quarterly in arrears at the end of April, July, October and January in each year. In addition, provision of accommodation on site at Sheils Houses, Rossglass Road, Killough, Co Down, BT30 7QW.
  • Candidate will be entitled to occupational sick pay for four weeks in any rolling twelve-month period.
  • Live full-time in the house on the site designated for him/her as part of his/her contractual duties.
  • Be entitled to 24 days paid annual leave in addition to 10 public holidays. This will include two weeks continuous holiday and four further periods per year away from the site, plus Public Holidays. Before taking a holiday, he/she must agree with the Chairman of the local Board its duration and arrange for the duties of superintendent to be continued during absence.
  • Be entitled to be off site at any time so long as this is not unreasonable or prejudicial to his/her duty of care to residents.
  • Be entitled to undertake other employment up to 30 hours per week provided it is not prejudicial to his/her duty of care to residents.
  • Record all time spent undertaking duties for the Charles Sheils Charity.
  • The Chairman of the Local Board is the person who should be consulted on any matter where an exceptional matter arises.

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